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Current projects

Winter 2016: After Seven Strange Stories, the next personal project is a graphic novel I wrote with Daniel Reynolds, called Genghis Con. We’re working with the artist Christopher Peterson. It’s about a guilt-ridden grifter who seeks redemption for herself and justice for her sister by taking part in a win-or-die rally race.

As a freelance writer, I’m also working on several comic book projects with Joe Books, including a comic book series that’s tied into an upcoming TV show, two cinestory books for animated films, and a collection of comic strips. I’ll post more about these projects as they progress.

Past projects


I worked with Brice Hall on a story called, “The Tale of the Eyeball Tree.” It was published in the Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 1, which is available here.

For Volume 2 of the Toronto Comics Anthology, I worked with Rina Rozsas on a story called, “The Monster Artist.” The book is available here.

I wrote stories that appeared in Holmes Incorporated #3 and #4. Issue #3 is available for free here.


For issue #4, I was thrilled and honoured to have my story drawn by the great Ty Templeton. The full story is on his website.

Silent Scream 1

Before we worked on “The Tale of the Eyeball Tree,” Brice Hall and I created a “Buster Keaton meets Alien” story for Sam Noir‘s magazine, Heady Mental.

I wrote a story that appeared in Cerebus: Low Society, with artwork by Dyl Klöepfer. Here’s a description of the project on A Moment of Cerebus. The book is available on