Here are the seven stories in my book.

The Tale of the Eyeball Tree

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Following a family tragedy, a surreal object washes ashore and offers companionship to a young orphan. Art by Brice Hall.

The Monster Artist

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A troubled child develops uncanny artistic abilities that promise horror and hope. Art by Rina Rozsas.

The Skagway Homunculus

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During the Yukon gold rush, a Chinese demon possesses a desperate father. Art by BC Holmes.

Silent Scream, part one

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On a desolate planet, Buster Keaton faces off with a xenomorph. Art by Brice Hall.

The Octopus Thief

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After a deep-sea diver steals his treasure and murders his love, an octopus demands vengeance. Art by Tuhin Giri.

Silent Scream, part two

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Can Harpo Marx help Buster Keaton defeat the alien? Art by Brice Hall.

My Beloved Monster

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An insightful feline helps a lovelorn man with a monstrous secret. Art by Rina Rozsas.

The Floating Girl

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With the help of her hacker-rabbit, a woman who has never touched the ground discovers her life is not as it seemed. Art by Christopher Yao.